If You are Voting for Jill Stein, Here is What I know About You
Sasha Stone

Wow! THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!! Where are you getting your information from?! Did you interview hundreds of Jill Stein supporters? Or better yet, thousands? No? 50? No. ONE? Nope. So, based on nothingness but your own assumptions, you write a blog and rage. Hmm… Well, certainly not journalism. If someone really wants to know and understand another point of view, one must go to the source, and in this case: the people. You don’t. So, there is no basis here other than what you’ve created in your mind.

Point by point: #1 (which btw is enormously arrogant): 
No way are Stein supporters selfish. Quite the contrary. We ARE thinking about the people. Do you know how much easier it would be if we were on the side of the establishment choices, be it democrat or republican from the beginning?! Much easier. This isn’t about easy. This isn’t about Me. Bernie’s slogan was: Not Me, Us. That’s where we came from and that’s where we still are.

Because (#2) Neither Trump nor Hillary want’s to demolish the TPP! This was Hillary’s baby! She was the architect on it! She want’s it. She works for the Big Banks-Big Corporate-Wall Street-Military Industrial Complex! Neither want to stop fracking, the Dakota Pipeline. They’re for money not environment. Not health. Neither trump nor Hillary are working for the people. No way.

To add, elections aren’t real and often corrupt- and this year extremely so as the primary was fraudulent. But you suggest that our votes counts. Ha! They don’t. The people no longer matter, whether in the elections or anything else. With both of the two parties it’s politics as usual, as in, they say what they they think you want you to hear, but never do what they say. They just lie right in the face of the people of this country. They put into law not what is good for the people, but what is good for them and their friends, the politically elite, and ultra rich. And all their actions lead to the gaining of power, position, and gazillions of dollars.

We must have more than the two parties, which now is really one party with two names. They stand for the same things, they’ve been bought by the same industries. And when will all the corruption end? When will this country again be For the People, By the People?! It will never end unless something shakes it to it’s core.

So, not only are Stein voters voting their conscience, and voting for someone they like instead of against someone they hate, but it’s screams not only about what issues are important to us, but that the two party system is corrupt as hell! We know what the government is doing on both sides, and we won’t have it anymore.

Now, we’re not naive. This probably will take years to change. But it’s a firm and very important start. Continuing to vote for the status quo, as in: For war, For Profit over People, For Lies to the People, etc etc., will only make it continue and grow. I’m done with it. I do not want more war. Hillary never saw a war she didn’t love. I’m tired of profit over the rights and well being of people. Hillary and Trump are all about money. And so on. I’ll stop here cause this is already too long, but I could go on at great length. Your opinion blog is hostile, baseless, and totally incorrect! It’s a good idea to actually get FACTS before you write a blog or an article that will be read by many, or even read by one!

Thank you for your attention in this matter.

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