What it takes to make it work

What does it take to make the whole fitness/ healthy eating thing work? Planning. A LOT of planning. Oh, and some slight sleep deprivation.

I’ll be the first to admit that making time to go to Crossfit during the summer is pretty darn easy. My preference was always the 5:30am class because I like the people and I love to get my day started with some good ol’ sweating. Maybe even more importantly, since I live in Texas, it’s only about 80 degrees at that hour.

Going to Crossfit once school gets back into session? Whew…it’s been an altogether different animal. School started back on Monday. With my better half out of town for work (He’s back now, so I’m not revealing my home aloneness to the world of blogging), it’s a bigger, more challenging, scary, hairy animal.

Why? Welllll, I have no children of my own, other than my sweet little miniature dachshund, Rebel. I can’t stand to leave him alone all day, every day. Therefore, three or four days a week, Rebel goes to doggie daycare. It opens at 7am, so when my hubby isn’t in town to shuttle him over there, I can’t make it to the morning session at Crossfit.

That leaves the afternoon session after work.

Did I mention that it’s 80 degrees at 5:30am? Yeah, so that means at 4:30pm, it’s at least 100 degrees. At least there’s a breeze most days. It’s kinda like being a baked good in an oven.

Ever worked at a middle school with over 1, 000 students during the first week of school? You can imagine the logistics that go into getting these kiddos to the right class, especially those sweet little ones who’ve never stepped into the building and are overwhelmed by the size of it. Oh, and they need to eat breakfast and lunch, and they need to figure out what the rules are around our school, and they need ID badges, and they need to learn where all the important places in the school are, and they need a schedule and a map so they know where their classes are…and all this is going on before noon— a time of the day many of them have awakened over the last 60+ days! Then consider the end of the day when all the parents come to pick up those babies and all the bus drivers, new and old, are having their first day back, too. (If all this blows your mind, consider the people who do work on the logistics of this, and be glad that’s not your job!)

The first day of school, I left campus after 5pm. That’s about 45 minutes too late for me to get to Crossfit in order to pick up Rebel before doggie daycare closes.

The second day of school, I left around 5pm. Too late again.

The third day of school, we had a faculty meeting, so it was 5:15pm before I hit the parking lot.

At this point, I was feeling pretty rough about myself. I HATE missing workout days. Then my swole mate, Liz, convinced me that with some finagling, we could go on Thursday morning. Hallelujah!

So Thursday and Friday morning, we hit up the 5:30 class, and I am sore as hell, but I feel so much better to have gotten a couple of work outs in this week. It required getting up at 4:30am, which is early even for this early bird, to get breakfast and lunch made and packed.

Oh, and I’m down 7 pounds in two weeks. I’ll take it.

Have I even mentioned meal planning? That takes time, too…and I’ll talk more about that next week.

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