Trump is an utter joke, and a dangerous one at that.
Father Mime

False equivalency is part of the problem, not the solution. False equivalency makes you feel better about your choices. The fact is that a Clinton transition would not be the disaster we are now watching. A Clinton transition would be so far from what we are witnessing — there would be no white nationalists, bold racists, and utterly incompetent people considered for cabinet and transition team nominations. We wouldn’t have people in fear of their rights being stripped away. There’s so much more but any effort would clearly be wasted on you. If a part of America feels unheard, there is a way to make your voice heard without oppressing everyone else. How much did these people work to influence the government? How did they make their needs known? What did they do to push their needs out in front prior to this election? What did they do during the election — besides hate and threaten — that would have made a candidate make them a priority? Trump is clearly so much worse than Secretary Clinton — worse by epic proportions. He is even behaving in all the ways he and his loyal army of white nationalists warned America that Clinton would behave, yet no one seems to what to hold him accountable for it. You don’t seem to mind any of it. No big deal when he does it. Why? Because he is a man. Please save your drivel about which countries interacted with Clinton and donated to the Foundation and their treatment of women. You can’t influence a country’s policies if you don’t have respectful interactions with the country. Further, that donation helps people who are victimized. Finally, before you proselytize about another country’s treatment of women, go to Breitbart and search the term “women.” See, first hand, how your new regime thinks about women. It’s really just a few steps away from any Saudi policy. My candidate respected women and women’s rights — and the rights of all people. Her opposition did and does not. He “grabs em by the pussy” whenever he feels like it because “he can.” He rapes young girls IN AMERICA. He threatens women who speak out IN AMERICA. He advocates imprisoning women IN AMERICA. If you think this is somehow better, I have no time for you.

It is YOUR candidate if you didn’t vote in a way that was best for this country, no matter how you try to distance yourself. Pointing fingers isn’t dividing the country. It was already done well via the Trump campaign and the Bernie Bros. With wikileaks as your main source of information, I can tell which camp you belong to. Keep focusing on shady email habits while your candidate sets us back 50+ years. Where are Trump’s emails? Do you really think you wouldn’t find equally, if not more troubling statements in his email? Where are those Apprentice tapes? Do you think it’s fine that he is the least transparent of all the candidates — that we still don’t have his tax returns, that his people threaten people who have been victimized by him, that he settled a fraud suit that he said he would never settle, that he appoints white nationalists to elevated governmental positions, that he’s using a phone that is not secure and violates all security protocols when meeting with foreign dignitaries after your team ranted and raved about a private server for years? Holding the candidates to the same standards was somehow out of the question. Why? Because she’s a woman. You effectively ignored her policy proposals and solutions and elevated a pig who said “I have a great / tremendous plan” over and over again with no indication that he even knew what a policy was — except for walls, mass deportations, and victimizing women.

Let’s just knock of the “she was ethically compromised” bullshit as we watch the disaster of a Trump presidency unfold in front of our eyes. The white nationalist news message has clearly taken hold of your mind. I’ve read your wikileaks nonsense. I found none of it to be especially compelling. In fact, it was downright boring.

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