Date Pre-Req: VOTING.

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now that foreplay is over, are you interested in some tapas??

Go to a dive bar. Keep things casual and cool by going to a local watering hole. Try your hand at pool, and knock back a beer while getting to know each other. But before you do that, please go vote.

Go to a rooftop bar. Get flirty and fun over cocktails somewhere you can take in the view. What’s that over there? Your polling place where you voted earlier, picking from a slate of candidates that included more women than ever before? You’re definitely second-date material.

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Eat sushi. Chat about how important solid infrastructure is to ensure people can get fresh fish across the country. Chat about whether that issue was at the forefront of your mind when you voted, which you just came from doing.

Drink coffee. Don’t like food or alcohol? Great! There’s also this option which still technically counts as a date. Find a table in between millennials working on their screenplays and trade facts about the fathers you constantly disappoint. You know what would probably make them proud? Voting.

Go to a weird juice place. People are really into juice now, so maybe that can be your thing? “Oh it’s a funny story, we went on a first date to this weird juice place right after we both voted in the 2018 midterm elections.” …


Lisa Mongillo

writer of satirical, supernatural, musical, and odd things

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