A crowded local market is not your dog’s idea of fun.

As I wandered through the local market stalls this morning I watched many people walking their dogs through the crowd, stopping occasionally to listen to the street music, browse the various market stalls, or simply stop to stand around and have a chat. Although the people appeared relaxed and were enjoying their surroundings, their dogs clearly were not. One couple were focused on a loud Reggae street band — their little Fox Terrier had tail down, ears back, was stiffened and repeatedly looked up to its owner for help. Sadly, the owner wasn’t paying attention, and this little dog was forgotten and surrounded by a sea of legs from the crowd of people that gathered to enjoy the music. A Lhasa Apso was wide-eyed and panting heavily whilst having its neck occasionally jerked upwards by its ignorant owner as he meandered through the crowd. In between tables at the noisy cafes, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Jack Russell Terrier had a 360 degree view of the legs of tables and chairs whilst their owners ate and chatted about their morning and the bargains they scooped up.

Do these owners love their dogs? Of course they do. 
Would these owners knowingly put their dogs in an environment where they thought their dogs would be scared or worried? Of course they wouldn’t.

But a seemingly innocent ‘day out’ to a busy local market for many, many dogs has exactly that effect. So, instead of taking your dog to a crowded market, give them quality time and regular mental and physical stimulation that is beneficial and kind. There are so many things that your dog would rather do WITH YOU like going for a quiet walk where there are some favourite ‘sniffing’ places, playing a game of fetch, or playing foraging games that they naturally enjoy like food puzzle toys, treat/toy treasure chests and other ‘scent’ games.