From Personality Cults to Collective Intelligence: The Democratization of Education Online
Tara McMullin

I love this take on the situation with online business, and I agree. I did take a slightly different perspective on it. What if, instead of ‘access’ what we’re looking for is ‘personalized.’ AirBnB isn’t offering access, as much as it is offering you a personalized option for lodging that meets your specific needs. Uber isn’t offering access to cars, it’s allowing you to choose when and how you get from place to place. Fivrr offers freelance work without the overhead of bureaucracy and contracts — and you choose the person who you think is best for you, not who the agency sends.

The $2000 online courses offer you a ticket to sameness with everyone else who signed up. When I meet and work with my most amazing clients, its because those people wanted something different. They wanted to get that deep understanding of their body so they could make better choices about their health. They wanted someone who has a scientific background and who has insights into alternative health options. They wanted something personalized for their unique needs. Not access to a bunch of information they have to sort through. People don’t want headaches and volumes of stuff. They want what they want, and they want to hear your unique and powerful voice — not the echo of everyone who expects the $2000 course to make them millions overnight.