Experteering in Rwanda

Lisa Magill
recent training at Inkomoko

I know I’ve been hinting about a trip to Rwanda for well over a month now, but as of today all of the necessary pieces have fallen into place.

This is really happening! And it’s going to happen fast.

So here are the answers to some of the most common questions I’ve received so far and a few more fun details about the trip.

Wait, why are you going to Rwanda?

It’s no secret that I love to travel and will hop on a plane just about any chance I get, but this isn’t just another vacation. Over the last few months, I’ve participated as a member of the MovingWorlds Impact Team and as part of that program I have committed to take my skills and experiences on an experteering trip.

What is experteering?

Experteering is skills-based volunteering. You take a look at your expertise and professional experiences and find ways to leverage them to help tackle the “talent-gap” — one of the leading barriers to global progress.

The team at MovingWorlds works with global development organizations and social enterprises around the world, making it easy to engage in work that really makes a difference.

What are you actually doing while you’re there?

I’ll be taking on two projects while in Kigali.

For the first few weeks, I’ve partnered with the African Entrepreneur Collective and will be working as a mentor to small businesses participating at Inkomoko, a local business accelerator program. I’ll be working with them on their financial readiness and provide pitch guidance and coaching in advance of a big community pitch event where 15 entrepreneurs will each attempt to secure a loan for their business.

Then, in partnership with Siemens Stiftung empowering people. network, I’ll work with ARED, an innovative company that has created a “business in a box” mobile solar kiosk designed to provide its customers access to the internet, stored intranet digital content, and phone charging services. With their kiosks, ARED is uniquely alleviating poverty and empowering communities leveraging a micro-franchise business model. Together we’ll work to develop marketing strategies and assessment tools that will help their team more effectively identify and align with the right potential micro-franchisees.

I’ll certainly share more about the projects and organizations as I dive in and am working with each of them.

Are you going to have access to the internet?

Yes, absolutely. I’ll be online most days. You can still check in with me on social media or via email.

How can I hear more about your trip?

So glad you asked. 😉 I plan on blogging about my experiences, the projects, and lessons learned while in Rwanda. I’ll pull those thoughts together each week and send them out in a personal newsletter of sorts.

If you want those updates to land in your inbox, just plug your email address in here:

What else do you want to know about the trip? Have you been to Rwanda or know someone who has? Do you have any fun tips or suggestions for me? Send them my way!

Lisa Magill

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Co-Founder + Head of Product at Aleria — taking the guesswork out of Diversity & Inclusion

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