A science-based framework to move from surviving to thriving

It’s normal to experience unease during intense times. Fear is wired into us to keep us safe from danger. Without balanced thinking, fear can overwhelm our ability to make smart, conscious decisions.

When your primal brain is engaged, which is responsible for survival (the sympathetic response), your frontal cortex — which is responsible for impulse control and reasoning — is not working much unless you have developed it to do so.

And with the global upheaval created by coronavirus pandemic — even if you’ve escaped immediate physical danger — the encompassing uncertainty may be triggering survival mode thinking. …

How ultra-successful CEOs, athletes, and entrepreneurs avoid mental traps for unparalleled success

Our brains are evolutionarily hardwired to make connections, draw conclusions, and reason. But until we learn how, it’s hard to fully understand and properly harness the innate brilliance of our thinking.

Although your mind is a powerful tool, subconscious reasoning and clogged cognitive filters can deceptively drive you in the wrong direction. Much of our inner wiring was developed to help us survive as cavemen, and plenty of that can be misleading in the modern business age.

What separates conscious, unstoppable leaders from the rest of the pack…

During these unprecedented times, it’s normal to experience unease. Fear is what keeps us safe from danger. However, it’s vital to not let fear hijack your brain and overwhelm your conscious decision-making.

When fear triggers, it’s important to understand the trigger. Realize that the fear response is almost entirely autonomic: We don’t consciously trigger it. The fear that is activated when we sense deadly danger is also spurred by uncertainty. Our personal filters play a significant role in our response to fear.

The simple solution to avoid triggering is to stay present, use consciousness and discern the level of danger…

You Are Not Your Work: How to lead the life you were meant to live

No matter the social setting — whether it’s a date or a networking event — if someone asks you the question: “What do you do?” or “Tell me about yourself?”, the socially acceptable and automatic answer is usually a job title.

This answer is very telling. We tend to tie our entire lives to our professions (even outside of the professional world). Our jobs or businesses often become the centerpiece of our entire identity, self-worth, and purpose.

When society repeatedly tells you that you are your job (and constantly asks you about it) you tend to believe that it’s all…

A science-based framework to face the fears found at the edge of your comfort zone

On the list of anxiety-inducing, gut-wrenching scenarios, negotiating with yourself to start a new professional venture can rank somewhere between trying to talk yourself into walking a tightrope over a 10,000-foot chasm and setting all your worldly possessions on fire.

Great leaps forward are coveted. Taking them ourselves often triggers our worst fears. Why? It’s not because we lack courage, or aren’t brave; it’s because we have not educated ourselves to the complexity and brilliance of our own human design. Humans are hard-wired to survive. We are hard-wired to adapt. And we are hard-wired to be curious.

When we start…

Recently, I wrote an article for conscious leaders and how they can step out of their comfort zones so they can take on the world. As a conscious leader, when you become aware of your instincts and understand their power and truth, your growth process becomes an exhilarating adventure. It’s an ability that increases clarity, diminishes stress and boosts your agility in creating solutions to a single problem.

However, it’s important to understand that stepping out of your comfort zone differs from leading outside of it.

Conscious leadership development is a process.

When you reach the edge of your comfort…

An interview with Alfonso Montiel

Alfonso is the Chief Executive Officer of The Lemon Tree Trust, an organization supporting gardening initiatives in refugee camps as a way to restore dignity, purpose, and cultural identity, through the provision of seeds and plants, garden competitions, farms, and small business enterprises.

Prior to the Lemon Tree Trust, Alfonso dedicated five years to the development of a book about a 50,000 mile journey he took in 2013. …

Legacy, a valued member of Vista Caballo’s herd

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.”

R. Buckminster Fuller.

In my last post, I wrote about the best way to see your blind spots and how to use your confidence and courage to challenge your thinking. This is an essential step in personal transformation for leaders to access new levels of consciousness.

When you challenge your thinking, you gain clarity on things you couldn’t see before. It’s the moment when you can connect the dots to many events in your life and make sense…

Ariana & Ayala

As the two youngest leaders to complete all of Vista Caballo’s leadership development programs, Ariana and Ayala Mehrotra share with the next generation of leaders their most important takeaways learned through their personalized programs. Residing in the state of Kentucky, the two sisters explain how the skills they learned completing The StillPoint Experience, the Experiential work with horses and The Center Experience, have positively impacted their lives today.

Age: 18

1. How did you find out about Vista Caballo?

I discovered Vista Caballo through my mom. She’s known Lisa for a pretty long time and completed Vista’s Hybrid Experience last summer. …

In my last post, I wrote about creating space as the first step to transform your talent to reach new levels of conscious leadership. A personal transformation such as this, is a multi-layered process and starts with awareness and energy. When you create space for yourself, you put yourself in the right place mentally to gain that awareness and recharge your energy.

Creating space sets the framework for you to start the next chapter of your personal transformation: confidence and courage. You need both to understand how your thinking works, how you make decisions and how these impact your behaviors…

Lisa Arie

Transforming the people who are transforming the planet. vistacaballo.com

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