An Open Letter to Skinny People
Ms. White

The truly unfortunate new disease is judging each other’s physicality. When did that start being ok?? Your body is your business my body is mine!

Maybe I am out of line to add this opinion. I hope I don’t offend here. I am skinny. Naturally so and I face health issues as an older person. The waitress tells me I should order desert “ you can afford it” did I ask her? People assume I have an eating disorder. I hear “skinny bitch” behind my back in the mall. Even friends urge me to eat. I’m 54. I know when I’m hungry. I felt outraged when I read your story. You are so much more than your physical body. And why shouldn’t you have the joy of enjoying your own body?! Are they are perfect specimens of the human ideal? I doubt it. Love and celebrate every aspect of who you are. In every way! If we were all the same we’d be penguins. Who can tell them apart? Isn’t difference beautiful?