One is Better Than Zero

One is Better than Zero. This is the catch phrase my son got from #GaryVee and is the representation of the old adage about forward progress — Momentum . When we go through the mundane routine of our lives we often count our busyness or activity for forward progress. But the truth is, we all get side tracked from our vision by what we happen to be looking at right now.

Question : What are you looking at right now? It might be housework or homework, laundry, or trash TV. It may be your husband’s belly rising and falling as he breathes. Things can distract us from fulfilling our destiny if you will, to the point that ten, twenty, or thirty years go by and we ask ourselves where did the time go?

So in light of one being better than zero and us, as humans, being easily distracted by the next shiny new thing (what did I do before Pinterest?), what’s the natural next step? For me the answer came at me sideways in a dream. Today it came up again — time is not the determining factor in my forward progress. Time is a tool at my disposal that should be used as needed. In other words, time does not limit me, it empowers me.

This could be hokey depending on where you are in life, but for me it is founded on one of the great truths. GOD, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is a NOW God. He exists outside of time and He gave me that same existence when I accepted Him. So rather than living in a past that hinders, that “time” has been redeemed to help me become the person I am today. And future works the same way because He is ordering my steps (Ps 37:23). So whether yesterday or tomorrow, it is glory to glory. This is the existence I am walking in because He has been too good to me to think otherwise.

So for one being better than zero I simply recognize that my first step (the one) must precede the next step, or forward progress. But, if I allow myself to get distracted by this or that, get hemmed up by my broken childhood, or terrified by an uncertain future, I get stuck at zero. It is a lot easier to adjust your wings while in flight rather than sitting on the tarmac waiting to take off because your wings aren’t straight. Let forward progress take your one to two and so on.

I remember someone telling me years ago, as a pregnant mom-to-be, not to worry about everything with the baby because when the time came to give birth, I would be as ready as I could be because there was no other choice — the baby is coming after nine (or so) months ready or not. If only destiny worked the same way. But I think we have to be active participants in the thing we want to happen. One is better than zero. Be the one you want to become and take a step in that direction every single day.