The Beginning of Being

Today is the day Israel marks its rebirth, May 14. On the Hebrew calendar it is 5775. It is also a Jubilee Year, the fifty year in cycle of of fifty. And after much prodding and pushing, my millennial son has convinced me to pick up my old dusty blog, wipe it off and push it back out there into the world. “And while you’re at it Mom, do a video as well…” the thoughts and ideas are terrifying to me, a self proclaimed lover of paper. [I think I actually wanted to be a paper pusher when I was a child.] Every excuse of remaining a wall flower seems so plausible and, let’s face it, comfortable, that this procrastination posture I’ve had for the last several years had become part of the interior decorating palette of my mind. Now things must change.

It’s time to rearrange things permanently. And this comes on the heels of some sad news, and a great opportunity. I’m not gonna dwell on the sad except to say that it has sparked something inside of me. That spark is really part of a flame that has been burning since 2010 when I got divorced (the last time). Moving right along to the great opportunity…

Some time ago (post 2010, which is pretty much how every point in time is referenced in my life now…not sure what I did before 2010 except have two great kids) I wrote a children’s version of a classic bible story. I decided that if I ever reached my dream of opening a private school (in honor of my grandparents) I would write something for “bible” class. So there I was, one day, rewriting the story of David and Goliath in a way that eight and nine year olds could also bolster their understanding of the rules of English/Language Arts. I guess the teacher in me never stops teaching even when it comes to killing giants. So after I either lost my nerve about marketing the project or was turned down enough times, I set my David and Goliath story aside on the shelf with my other “some day” projects.

Then earlier this week I stumbled across a piece of property for sale that looks as if it fell right out of my imagination. Soon the old ideas started coming back to life and in a matter of four days, after much prayer, I brought David and Goliath back out. The Holy Spirit suggested I combine my short stories into an anthology for the private school. And over the course of three days, He confirmed a calling in me I had all but given up on. You might think it odd for me to casually say the Holy Spirit speaks to me, but He does. As a believer, I have developed a relationship with Christ over the past 7 years where I can now hear from Him not only in His Word, but also through other people, nature, events, and spirit to Spirit. I’ll talk more about hearing from God in future blogs. For now, just know I am starting on the road to opening the private school I always dreamed of running. The why of right now seems to be that I have just figured out why we’re really here. The Great Commission is not just about the limited interactivity I originally settled on. God’s plan is much more in depth than I thought. His ways are higher than our ways (Is 55:8–9). I am putting one foot in front of another. I’m recognizing that one is greater than zero, regardless of what it looks like, regardless of my fear. I’m recognizing that what He calls, He justifies. This is the beginning of being all God has called me to be. This blog is a chronicle of that Truth.