There are times in life when everything seems to make sense, be easy, and full of joy. Then there are the counterparts. The times of the utter absence of joy- when questions of uncertainty seem to stop you in your tracks. To that I say keep moving.

Stagnant water festers with life that only breeds disease. Oxygen depleted, going no where fast. That can’t be your existence. Time is too short for us to stay fixed, lacking forward momentum. There is too much to be accomplished in this world for you not to be a part of it. And frankly, God’s got a plan for you that requires your immediate attention.

In a moment when I feel like checking out, God brings someone across my path that reignites the fires of purpose and I put one foot in front of the other again. But we can’t always wait for God to orchestrate the (re)ignition. Sometimes we have to preach to ourselves, stir ourselves up and get back in the game.

Life will not always be smiles and laughter but joy comes from within. When you are on a path of forward progress you can make corrections mid-stride. Your end goal becomes clearer as you move toward it.

“Go for it,” don’t stop going for it — when you’ve done all there is, stand therefore. Catch your breath and go for it again.