The First Overnight

They say if you wanna try something, get in there feet first.

We’d seen the weather forecast. Heeded warnings from our friends. 
But we didn’t care. 
Joe had spent all week working on the sleeping platform & we wanted to try out his Toyota Tacoma camper.

We’d gone for a few drives in the truck — mostly quick little jaunts around town, with one longer drive to Santa Cruz for a weekend. 
But we hadn’t slept in the truck yet.

On Saturday April 9, we drove northwest to the ocean, to Dillons Beach. The weather was dismal; grey & misty. But we were hopeful.

We stopped off at a grocery store and Home Depot; bought some food for the night, a tarp, some rope & some solar powdered rope lights to hang inside the truck bed. We didn’t have much hope that the lights would work this trip due to the lack of sunshine.

Before we knew it, we were off. Truck packed up, rain pounding down, spirits high.

Mother Nature must have taken pity on our stubborn attitudes and excitement. The rain stopped almost the moment we arrived at the campsite and didn’t start up again until 9:00pm, giving us plenty of time to set up camp, make our bed, get the fire going, meet the neighbors, eat some dinner & drink some wine.

The first night in the truck bed worked out really well. The solar lights even turned on — must have been more sun up there than we’d thought! We tied down the tarp to cover the back half of the truck, allowing for some coverage while getting in and out of bed. Even though the ground was wet and muddy, we were careful to not trek any unwanted muck into bed.. even getting out in the middle of the night for a quick pee!

Settin’ up camp at our first overnight at Dillons Beach, April 9 2016.