The Motivation

Why I spend some night sleeping in the back of a pickup truck

It all started in October 2015 when Joe & I rented a VW Camper Van for a long weekend in Mendocino. We started in the Bay area, drove north to Calistoga, and then on through Anderson Valley to Mendocino. We returned traveling south on the northern CA stretch of Highway 1.

It was an inspiring trip.

The idea that we could pack our stuff into a vehicle on 4 wheels and then drive wherever we wanted, whenever we wanted and to stay for however long we wanted, was eye opening.

Don’t get me wrong, owning a VW Camper would have been bucketlist-amazing but after some research we discovered it would be A LOT of work and continued maintenance to keep it running long enough to visit all the places we’d dreamed of traveling.

And so was born the hunt for the truck. Joe spent hours looking at truck campers, reading blogs, checking Craigslist, learning how others truck owners had built, fashioned and personalized their campers. The possibilities were endless. But he was patiently waiting to find the perfect one.

Finally, Joe bought his Toyota Tacoma on March 16, 2016.

And so far there has only been 1 day that he hasn’t driven it.

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