Lisa Barnett is flying into Helsinki from San Francisco via the direct Slush Flight. Original post by Pauliina Martikainen. Follow Lisa Barnett on Twitter @LisaBarnett_11.

  1. You are currently Partner at Sherpa Foundry, which aims to bring together corporations and cutting edge startups. Can you tell a little bit more about the company, your own work, and the next milestones of Sherpa?

Sherpa Foundry works to connect the world of innovative startups and long-time incumbents. Together, we believe we can create unprecedented growth across industries.

I spend most of my time working with the top founders — whether they are in or outside of Sherpa’s portfolio — help think through how to grow and scale their businesses. Many times, this means orchestrating deals (investments, partnerships, etc.)…

Lisa Barnett

Lisa is the co-founder of Little Spoon. Former brand and digital strategist for Estee Lauder Companies and VC at Sherpa Foundry. For more-

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