Your Safety Pins Are Not Enough.
Lara Witt

I am so sorry that I am not enough for you. I do what I can, but I also have 5 young people that I am busy raising. I’m sorry that I can’t go stand besides you at protests (due to my children taking all my time), I’m sorry that I don’t have the extra money to donate (we are stretched living paycheck to paycheck), I’m sorry that I can’t meet your standard as ‘good enough.’ I however am raising a transgender child in a very transgender phobic world, I offer them all my support (so I know the struggle). I’m raising all my children to not be judgmental based on race, sex, gender identity, etc. and to be kind to all. I don’t judge you based on the color of you skin, so please don’t judge me based on mine. I’m sorry I’m not perfect, but I try. And, at least right now, I can wear a safety pin to show you that I am trying (there is a lot in life that is out of my control, but this at least I can do)and that you have what support I can give right now. I’m sorry that it just isn’t enough for you.

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