Update: October 26
Rebecca Cohen

I read today’s journal entry and am amazed that some feel this is a gimmick. I published an article on LinkedIn (Social Networking, Global Investigations and Humanitarian Efforts: Ghost Boat Creating an El Niño of Social Network Investigations) sharing how this investigation has caused an evolutionary change in social media. This effort is truly a humanitarian effort to uncover the diabolical attack on everyday people seeking safety and asylum. It also provides a method of comparison between those seeking asylum from the atrocities occurring in Syria and East Africa.

This investigation has accomplished several things, two of which are: 1) uniting volunteers from around the world to support a single cause and, 2) targeting light on the heiniousness of being subjected to fleeing for one’s life in whatever way is possible. The investigation sheds light and hope for Yafet, his family, and all of the global citizens following the Ghost Boat journal entries. Finally, it provides a mechanism to take action, this is the creation of a universal, social movement.

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