Dreaming of Tamarindo

My husband and I have visited the surf town of Tamarindo, Costa Rica, twice. It is a paradise of hot sunshine, warm ocean waves, colorful shells lining the beach, diverse restaurants, funky shops, cool people and sunsets that literally receive a standing ovation and applause every evening. When we lived in eastern Massachusetts we used to dream of Tamarindo during the cold winter months. Now, here in northern Georgia, we’re dreaming of Tamarindo for a different reason — ocean waves! I didn’t realize how much I took living near the ocean for granted! Even though I grew up in the shipbuilding town of Essex, Massachusetts, my family never had a boat or visited the beach. As a child my mother had seen someone drown and had a fear of the water ever since. So instead of the beach, we had a campsite in the mountains of Maine and spent our summers there. When I did visit the beach with friends, I mostly found it boring, the girls simply laying on the sand when there was sand to sculpt and rocks to swim out to and critters to catch in the tidepools. It was Kevin that helped me to slow down, appreciate and embrace the peaceful pace of the beach — and of life in general. Our life in Massachusetts was a rushing river. The ebb and flow of our life now is much more in keeping with that of the ocean. Each morning as I look out over the cliff at the end of my street, I feel that same sense of expansiveness that I feel looking out over the ocean, but it doesn’t have that sparkle.

I thought I’d share a few photos with you as I reminisce….

My husband, the shark.
Later that same day.
Yep. There are squirrels in paradise.
Howler monkey using the monkey bridge to cross the street.
A little night life.
The hills of Tamarindo from the beach.

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