The Guiding Star

My future burns within me and is more than a spark or flame. It is as expansive as the stars.

I have a star above my desk. It represents the five key aspects of what makes life fulfilling to me, and it is truly my guiding star. There are many models out there for figuring this out — most of them using a wheel that is broken down into the standard categories of: Social, Physical, Financial, Intellectual, Spiritual, Career. Typically people use this wheel to see where their life is “out of balance.” Personally, I don’t believe there is a perfect balance of those things. People have different temperaments, priorities, and life circumstances that shape their lives. That doesn’t mean they’re flawed or broken. I prefer a model that focuses on what is most meaningful to me, so I can know where to invest my time and energy. Because of the amazing uniqueness of people, no two models look alike. Mine happens to look like a star. It’s derived from Ebonie Allard’s “Values Filter.” The words in bold are the values I hold most dear, and the words beneath are how I experience or relate to them.

The most important part to me is Unity, by which I mean being in union with God and all of Creation. There isn’t really a clear definition. It’s a deep feeling of being in harmony or communion with all things. It could also be described as congruence and applies to everything — from what I eat to how I behave, from what I purchase to my Purpose in life.

To feel fulfilled in my daily life, I need Freedom and to always be Working Toward a Goal. For me, Freedom is the opportunity to experience life with the space to grow and change. Working Toward a Goal gives me a sense of direction and stability.

Aside from Unity with the Creator, there are two other forms of relationships. In relation to myself, I need to be able to express myself creatively. To not do so leaves me feeling stifled. In relation to others, I need to be able to share my gifts and experiences while also being fueled by theirs. Life would feel empty without the reciprocal sharing of joy and pain in art or conversation.

By following this star I can make better choices. When I use this compass I feel happy and fulfilled; when I don’t I feel anxious and stressed. These values will probably change as life circumstances change, but for now they’re my guiding principles. When I am centered within this star I feel Peace.

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