I No Longer Discuss Racism with White People Because Their Denial Is Thicker than a Snicker and…
Son of Baldwin

I’m grateful for the few Black people who discussed and pointed out racism to me. I lived in white neighborhoods and was told in school that racism was outlawed, that our nation had decided that it was wrong. There is still so much I don’t know.

For instance, the concept of white privilege sounded unreal to me. It had to be gently explained to me. But now I see it everywhere.

If I had not had gentle Black people who cared enough to show me how to see, I would not understand some things. When we don’t understand, and it costs us nothing (we think) to just stay out of the fight, everyone loses.

Some of us are listening. Not all white people want things to stay where they are, or go back to the bad old days. Things that are obvious to people who grew up dealing with racism since birth are not obvious to those of us that have enjoyed white privilege AND were intentionally segregated since birth.

Help us to see without resenting us for our ignorance. We may not learn right away. But some of us really are trying. We lose friends and invite the ire of family as a result, but it’s a small price to pay for a more just society. I hope our children will have that.

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