Analysing the Nonsense Statement: “The top six vitamins you shouldn’t take”
Dr Ross Walker

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that you a very educated in b6 Toxicity….There are many studies showing that b6 Toxicity can and does often occur at lower doses than 200mg and in some people, rapidly. There have been numerous case studies of this. Also, a simple google search will show the damages that multivitamins and b-complex vitamins have caused to the nervous systems of many, and the majority took it based on the advice of an MD. I would advise you to look further. I understand you are a cardiologist, but there are many neurologists that would like it taken off the shelves because they see it weekly in their offices and have seen the damage of high levels of b6 firsthand. I am someone who had effects rapidly and nervous system damage from taking b6 for a short period of time based on the advice of an Ortho. You need to review the literature because the above is incorrect.

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