The Noblest Roman of Them All

Only she acted from honesty and for the general good

It is certainly commendable to desire the continuation of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s work in exposing the corruption that exists in Malta, but it is a wish that may remain unfulfilled.

Many of Daphne’s breaking articles were written thanks to reliable information she received from different sources. These sources often risked their livelihoods and possibly much more to share that information with her. They did this because they trusted her.

She earned their trust because even in the face of persecution, hate and demands of ‘proof’ from politicians, the police and other individuals who did their best to try to discredit her and cripple her emotionally as well as financially, she persevered and protected her sources.

Daphne was not naive, she understood the risks she was facing, but I think she found the determination to do what she did every day because there were other good people who took a small piece of her courage and bravery and used it to share what they knew with her in order to work together towards a common good.

She singlehandedly sought to shine a light in the darkness for all of us; using her pen to denounce both friend and foe alike. She did this not for personal gain, or out of envy or spite, but to defend the last vestiges of democracy in this Mediterranean nation.

Sadly there is no one in Malta today who commands that level of trust. There may never be.

And now the most courageous woman in Malta is gone, murdered by cowards who couldn’t even kill her face to face.

Daphne Caruana Galizia was a Maltese investigative journalist and blogger. She is known for having revealed controversial and sensitive information related to the Panama Papers. She was assassinated in a car bomb attack in October 2017

Image reproduced by kind permission of Seb Tanti Burlò

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