Karma Refuel Grandfather Program FAQ

I should have gotten out while I could

It’s enough to make me wish I had gotten my money back when you were a year late with the Karma Go. More than a year late, actually, because it was 9 months from the time it was initially announced to the time you allowed people to buy it. It was another 9 months from the purchase to the delivery, though you made it sound at the outset like we would get it any day. By the time it finally arrived, I was using a more expensive hotspot through my office and had gotten permission to use it for personal use, but I continue to use the Karma Go as a backup hotspot. Of course, the device lies about the coverage, showing me three circles to indicate a good connection when there is no Internet coverage at all. But when it’s working, it’s not bad, and I’m in the habit of leaving it turned on in public places to see if I pick up any bandwidth. I also purchased a lot of bandwidth when you were giving BOGO shortly after the Karma Go finally arrived.

I see why you turned off the responses; the hostility must be overwhelming. This is completely contrary to what we thought Karma was all about. But of course, we also questioned how Karma could be profitable as is. The answer: it’s not, so you’ve found a new way to become profitable. But I don’t know if it will work when all your customers are abandoning ship.

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