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Edited on Friday, March 27th to add two important links. One is about WIC foods being inaccessible to families that need them:

Please be considerate and only buy WIC items if there are no other choices available. …

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I can’t believe that I’ve already started my third course on FrontEnd Masters?? A year ago, I would not have imagined that I’d be blogging about JavaScript and programming.

Here we are. My blog post about this course will consist of at least two parts, perhaps three, as the material…

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A-ha! This is my second blog post on Medium. So I’ve made true to my word and finished completing my second course on FrontEnd Masters in as many weeks. My first post is here and will get you up to speed.

So I lied in my previous post, and I…

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I’m blogging about learning how to code while being transparent and honest about my experiences.

One of my coding goals is to complete one course per week at the popular web development tutorial site Front End Masters. I’m also going to blog about it here.

My recently completed first course…

Lisa Bronwyn

Coding, glamour, saber fencing, not necessarily in that order. I want to give a voice to the underrepresented in tech, starting with my own.

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