A Café For Lonely Travellers Run By Stand-in Viennese Grandmas

…much like me, I miss my grandmothers!

I was feeling more than a little lonely and homesick this morning, so it took a bit to get out of bed. (Also, Vienna is frickin HOT so getting to sleep sometimes takes a bit.) When I finally did get myself ready I realized that today wasn’t going to be one of those productive days. Today was going to be slow because of my apathetic mood. So I flipped through my guidebook, ate my muesli, clicked around on Google Maps looking for a comfy café to sit in and read my book.

I came across Vollpension by accident, I was actually looking (apathetically, of course) at another café in the area and noticed that this one was better rated. And it served cake. And not just any cake, but homemade cake!

Das ist mein kuchen.

Walking inside Vollpension is like taking a trip to Little Red Riding Hood’s grandma’s house. There are plush comfy chairs, antique wood tables and the lighting is all supplied by sunshine and lamps.

The café isn’t just run by omas (grandmas) though, but they’re the ones who do all the baking in-house. The staff is a mixture of young and old folks who’ve come together to promote what they call, “generational dialogue” and create jobs for everyone.

I tried my broken, very broken, German on the hostess and she gave me a very enthusiastic, “Das is good!” So hey everyone, I can now order coffee and cake in German, the world is my oyster.

Vollpension is also an excellent place to get work done and not just goof off like I did today. The clientele is a mix of young families with adorable babies, businesswomen typing furiously on laptops, travellers and, of course, grandmas. I can totally imagine myself dragging my textbooks over there, sinking into their uber-plush chairs and sipping on a lovely kleiner brauner — English translation: little brown one. Maybe indulging on a cake or two…Oh and studying too.

Up till now I’ve been skipping around the city, bouncing from modern art café to traditional Viennese coffee house looking for the best fit, now I think I’ve found it. Vollpension has everything I need: cake, coffee and comfort to the max.

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