Espresso is Killing My Budget

But I’m okay with it. I think.

In September, once I return to Canada, I’ll be writing the LSAT. Studying for this test is serious business to be taken about by serious individuals who want to become serious professionals. I definitely attempted to study in Toronto, but it just wasn’t working. I can’t explain why, maybe I’m not serious enough, but my brilliant idea was to book a trip to get away from my city and focus on the task at hand. So, when I booked my flight I sat myself down and made a promise that I would actually use my time wisely and study. Not just passively study, but really study for this large and frightening test.

Turns out Vienna is very beautiful and very distracting, who would’ve thought, so I’ve had to bribe myself with espresso at adorable cafés to get the job done. On one hand I’m actually studying properly, but on the other I’m spending my hard earned dollars (conversion rate of pretty much 1.5 CAD = 1 Euro, ouch) on coffee. But damn it’s good coffee.

Side note: guess who forgot about the exchange rate when she bought a blazer yesterday?? This girl!!
Side note II: Okay, it wasn’t massively expensive — $27 CAD — but I had originally thought it was $18 CAD so boo.

Today I spent a couple of hours studying at Phil, a bookstore + coffee house that makes an espresso worth writing about. The ambience was perfect to bury my face in my textbook.

I’ve been in Vienna for three full days now and consequently done this routine three times. To my credit I’ve managed to find cheaper and cheaper coffee houses each time that I go out, but I know going everyday isn’t sustainable. But also c’est la vie, do as the Romans do and all that. For now I’m going to keep this up because the cafés in Vienna are hip as all get out and I’m a sucker for latte art.