How to Navigate the Common App as a Homeschool Parent

  • You worry that you’re going to answer the questions incorrectly.
  • You worry that it’s going to affect your homeschooler’s chances.
  • Answer those questions with a grain of salt.
  • Answer those questions in a way that reflects YOUR homeschool.
  • Answer those questions in a way that allows you to rest easily at night.
  1. What the Common Application is and how it’s different for homeschoolers.
  2. How to answer questions as a homeschooler in the Common App Counselor Account.
  3. Where to upload the four homeschool documents: the transcript, course descriptions, school profile, and counselor letter of recommendation.

What is the Common Application?

How is the Common App different for homeschoolers?

The Student Account and The Counselor Account

How to Sign Up for a Practice Account in the Common App

When You and Your Homeschooler Can REALLY get started

Have your Student Invite you as Counselor from THEIR Account

  1. In the Education Section, the applicant must select “Homeschooled” as their current secondary school; this is located at the bottom of the drop-box or it can be found by typing “homeschooled” in the “High School Name” field.
  2. Before they officially invite you, however, they must first go to the FERPA/Recommenders section in “My Colleges”. Be sure there’s at least one college added to the list and click on any one of those colleges.
  3. In the left-hand sidebar, click “Recommenders and FERPA”.
  4. They MUST release authorization before inviting you. Once they click on “Invite Recommenders” a box will open.
  5. Be sure they select you as Counselor, include your email address, and click “Send Invite.” Once you receive the email, you’ll have the ability to create a Counselor Account.

There are two main sections within your Common App Counselor Account

  1. Profile: In this section, you’ll be answering questions about your homeschool. Remember, this platform was designed for counselors who manage a large workload of students within a school settings. Questions you answer as a homeschooler may not make much sense.
  2. Students: In this section, you’ll be answering questions about your homeschooler. Some of the questions will be the same as those in the Profile section. Counselors in a school setting would not find the questions redundant.

Choose Answers That Best Reflect Your Homeschool


Personal Details

School Details

School Profile

Upload your School Profile

Class Rank:



  • Most likely, you will be choosing “Final Junior Year Grades.”



  1. Click on Student’s Name to access this section.
  2. Then Click on the School Report section for your homeschooler.

Class Rank:

  • If you select None, there will be no more questions in this section.
  • If you select Exact, the applicant’s class rank is 1.






Upload Counselor Recommendation.

Three Other Reports You Must Know About

Optional Report:

Mid Year Report:

Final Report:

There you have it.

Want More on The Common App?

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