“Flawed”: Perfect Is The Enemy Of The Good If You’re A Female Presidential Candidate
Sarah Lerner

One thing that Clinton supporters don’t want to admit is that many Democrats, including women did not want Hillary Clinton as our President. We had had enough of her in the White House during her husband’s tenure. I am a cradle Democrat whose Grandmother held public office in the 60s and worked on both Kennedy’s campaigns as well as a number of Senators and Representatives. I know what a leader looks like; I know what a female leader looks like. She does NOT look like Hillary Clinton.

From the first tme I saw Hillary Clinton during her husband’s campaign, she made my skin crawl. It wasn’t a lack of charisma (there’s a debate about that further down the page), it was the same reaction I get to a ‘snake oil salesman’. I spent over 22 years in the US Navy. I experienced some wonderful female leaders, some mediocre ones, and some downright lousy ones. Most were well above mediocre — and they didn’t necessarily lead the same way the men did.

What do I want from a President, male or female? First and foremost: Integrity. Someone I can believe in, and believe to tell me the truth (as batshit crazy as President Trump is, and a master of lies, Mrs. Clinton is better, but in no way truthful). Someone who truly has the country’s best interests and its people as their guide, not the desire to ‘make history by being the first (insert minority group here)’ in the office. Someone who shows respect for the American People, including individuals. I know people who worked in the White House under her husband and under Barak Obama — she repeatedly was rude and dismissive of those who were ‘beneath her’ (read: military stationed there, but also staff members). Despite the coffee cup salute, I never heard anything similar about President Obama.

To continue to blame Clinton’s vagina for her loss is disingenuous and grasping for excuses. The fact that the DNC insisted upon shoving her down our throats is the reason for President Trump, more than anything else. There were enough Democrats who could not in good conscious hold their noses and pull the lever for Mrs. Clinton. They chose to either vote third party or abstain. THAT is the lesson to be learned from this election.

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