5 Reasons I Love Orange Theory Fitness

As a person who does not love the idea of overexerting myself for physical exercise yet have a metabolism that is slowing down, I find myself searching for ways to incorporate exercise into my busy lifestyle. I travel each week from New York to Charlotte for work and at times find myself in other cities for conferences. Folks tend to use travel as an excuse to eat poorly and to not exercise. I know I have used that excuse myself, therefore I needed to change my behavior to yield an improved outcome. Here are some things I have incorporated into my routine and I why I love OTF:

My OTF Heart Rate Monitor
  1. Location: I live in Brooklyn, I work in Charlotte and at times I am visiting friends and family in the Atlanta area. Orange theory allows the flexibility for me to attend at any location. The business model is consistent so I know what to expect from each group training session. The three locations I have personally tried and love are Brooklyn Heights, Charlotte-University and Peachtree City.
  2. Cost: The thought of getting out of bed and going to the gym at 5a.m. is not appealing to me. Even less appealing to me is wasting my money. I committed in November to 8 sessions a month. As a result, I show up for a 6a.m. class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In my head it does not matter if it is raining, below 30 degrees or if there is snow on the ground because it costs me money if I do not show up.
  3. Results: Consistency is golden! Convenient locations and cost make it easy for me to show up for group training. Consistency has yielded results for me wherein my energy levels are improved, I am starting to see small changes in my legs and definition in my arms, and slowly my weight is shifting. My body is becoming leaner and I am toning muscles I did not know that I had.
  4. Engagement: The staff and the members are engaging. Each OTF location has its own personality however to survive in a small business or any business for that matter you must engage with your clients. Each time I have entered an OTF location I was welcomed by the staff with a high energy greeting. The trainers are constantly pushing you to stretch beyond your expectations and go for that “push pace”. Push yourself to be a better you.
  5. Accountability: The group training concept means I am not in this by myself. There are others who are trying to achieve more energy, lose weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle with exercise. It can be a lonely experience going to the gym and not knowing how to use the equipment or where to even start. OTF is structured to give you direction and to motivate you to get it done.

If you have been struggling with your metabolism, want to get fit, need to lose some weight or are looking for a structured exercise program to get you going I would recommend OTF as an option. The thought of moving on a cold day can be daunting but a 60 minute early morning workout goes by quickly once you get going. When the workout is complete you feel great! I know I do!