3 Tips for Attracting Fresh Talent to Your Company

Even the most successful businesses can struggle to continuously bring on fresh new talent that will continue to help the business outperform their competitors. Companies are doing more than ever to get top talent in the door and then woo them with what sets them apart from other potential employment offers. So how exactly can businesses attract fresh talent to sign with and remain at the company? This goal can be especially difficult to achieve if you’re running a smaller company, but still want great talent.

Seek referrals from current top talent

Odds are, the team a business currently has is full of top talent or else they wouldn’t still be working there. Companies can give these existing employees incentives to refer other great potential employees through their own personal networks. The existing employees will naturally want their referrals to do well at the company and thus stay on them about going above and beyond the call of duty, since it’s a reflection of the referring employee. This method allows more top talent to be brought in to the business without having to dedicate more working hours to searching for them.

Offer flexible schedules

Top employees have much more leverage to ask for things which can make their workday easier. For this reason, businesses can attract top talent by offering a variety of flexible working conditions, which especially appeal to younger workers. This flexibility can include things such as the ability to work from home a few days per week as well as the employee setting their own hours when possible. Not only will this benefit make the employee feel appreciated, but it can also result in increased output for the business.

Aim for more than just profit

The best talent usually has their pick of the lot when it comes to what company to work for. This competition means your business has to do things that set it apart from others. Many have found that businesses which seek to give back to the community often have the highest success rates of retaining top talent. This fact is because employees feel as if they are working for something bigger than themselves. Being profitable and offering bonuses to top employees is great, but a new generation of workers is noticing more about what businesses do to be charitable and affect positive change in the world around them.

About the Author

Lisa Laporte is a professional located in the Petaluma, CA area. She currently works as the CEO of both Artisanal Agency and TWiT.tv. Lisa Laporte has extensive experience in various areas of business; for many years, she oversaw a successful consulting agency where she worked with businesses to improve their operations and financial management. Lisa Laporte has experience in accounting, business management, sales, marketing, and advertising. When not focusing on improving her businesses, Lisa enjoys traveling with her family and improving her photography skills.