6 Ways to Remain Professional at Work

Lisa Laporte
May 11, 2018 · 2 min read

Remaining professional in the workplace is extremely important, even when you feel as though you should be completely free to express your true feelings and emotions. Knowing how to remain as professional as possible in the workplace is essential to navigate corporate politics without ruining or diminishing your chances of obtaining a promotion in the future. While you need to stick up for yourself and speak your mind, it’s important to do so professionally.

Consider the dress code

Dress to impress, even if you do not have a strict dress code to follow. Dressing formally or semi-formally appears more professional and relays a serious and dedicated work attitude to co-workers, managers, and bosses alike. Even if jeans or more casual clothes are allowed in your office, make an effort to always look presentable and like you’re at work, not sitting at home watching television.

Work longer than required

Working the minimum hours that is required for you every day and week ensures you receive your paycheck, but it does not always guarantee a promotion or that you are standing out amongst your coworkers. In order to maximize your productivity, dedicate more time each day to additional projects or current work you have taken on to show your dedication and commitment to your bosses and managers. Staying a little later on occasion is not a bad idea either, especially if it allows you to finish something you didn’t get to earlier.

Prepare for meetings

Prepare for upcoming meetings by referring to past notes to check on progress and updates within your team and surrounding teams. Arrive to your workplace meetings on time or even early, allowing you more time to set up and to take notes effectively. Showing that you’re informed and prepared helps you stand out and look professional.

Maintain a professional attitude at all times

Keeping a professional attitude in the workplace is extremely valuable, whether you are communicating with co-workers, clients, or managers. Avoid getting personal even if you disagree with others in the workplace, and instead, work towards a solution that benefits everyone involved.

Find a balance

Separating work from your life is imperative in order to maintain success without feeling overwhelmed or burnt out, regardless of the industry you are working in or your current job title. Having a balance is essential to protect your mental and emotional health while also having the ability to set your best foot forward whenever you are at work.

Keep your phone on silent

Anytime you are at work, keep your mobile phone on silent or vibrate, especially if you plan to attend meetings throughout the day. Keeping your phone on silent also shows your professionalism and the dedication you have for your job and the company you represent.

Lisa Laporte

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Lisa Laporte is http://TWiT.tv & Artisanal Agency CEO, 49er Fan, Thrill Seeker and Michael's Mom. Visit http://LisaLaporte.net for technology news & thoughts.

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