Get to Know Lisa Laporte — CEO

Lisa Laporte currently serves as the CEO for both and Artisanal Agency. Lisa possesses decades of experience and has worked in various aspects of business. Her professional background is extensive and spans over 30 years, showcasing an impressive amount of experience. Dedicated to what she does, Lisa Laporte has worked in various roles, such as Corporate Controller, CFO, Consultant, CEO, and Founder. Her experience arches over a variety of industries and eventually led to Lisa becoming an entrepreneur and moving into the tech industry.

When Lisa Laporte was 33, she became an entrepreneur. After gaining expertise in working with startups, building talented and diverse teams, and establishing robust business development partnerships, Lisa decided to start her own consulting business. By utilizing her extensive business connections she’d spent years cultivating, Lisa was able to find countless consulting opportunities in a variety of businesses and industries.

Driven to succeed, Lisa Laporte took on a wide array of roles in her consulting agency, such as working with companies on bookkeeping cleanups, accounting processes, and operating costs. Lisa helped small business owners establish goals for their companies and successfully work toward them. The consulting business experienced rapid growth, which allowed Lisa to hire on employees within her first year. At the peak of her consulting career, Lisa Laporte successfully maintained the CFO title at three companies, oversaw twenty different entities in all different industries, and had three bookkeepers working for her.

Eventually, Lisa Laporte wanted to pursue new opportunities in business, which is when she began working for Working her way up to CEO at TWiT, Lisa soon founded Artisanal Agency, where she also serves as CEO. While working for TWiT, negotiating and executing the advertising contracts, Lisa Laporte recognized a greater will to help other podcast networks succeed in becoming an ad-supported network. Two years later, Artisanal Agency continues to build successful relationships between podcasters and their advertisers and fills this need for podcasters.

Lisa Laporte understands the value of risk for business owners and has worked hard to carry this principle into her own business decisions. By spending time gaining experience and learning about business, Lisa has been able to successfully head two companies and continues to make strides in her professional career. Lisa practices discipline in her professional life, while also pursuing her business goals with true passion. She hopes to instill these ideals in other business leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Beyond her professional career, Lisa Laporte also enjoys photography, traveling, and making lasting memories with her family. Some of Lisa’s areas of expertise include technology, sales, and marketing, along with general business experience.