Animations in iOS: 30 beautiful examples

Lisa Dziuba
4 min readDec 13, 2018

Some iOS animations are just magical.
You open the app and touch the screen. Animated transitions guide you through the flow smoothly and friendly. You understand the next action and feel delighted even with the loading bar.

This sounds like a dream but you probably haven’t seen these animated masterpieces. Grab a coffee and enjoy the view.

Artificial intelligence recognize human emotion by Gleb Kuznetsov
Surf Guide Mobile Swipe Distort by Nathan Riley for green chameleon
Social Network App Animation by Dannniel
Add to Cart Interaction by Dannniel
Smart washing machine app by Cuberto.
Onboarding — JIRA iOS app by Andrew McKay for Atlassian
Meditation App by Cadabra Motion
Dog Tracker App Interactions by Tubik
My Wallet animation by Yingchun Hu for UIGREAT
Doge Weather App Walkthrough by Minh Pham
Select Seats & Payment flow by Vitaly Rubtsov
ApplePay Redesigned by Michal Sambora for Maise
Bike Sharing App Animation by Michal Skvarenina for PLATFORM
Appliances Appliances by wenwenzwy for UIGREAT
Food App Walkthroughs Food App Walkthroughs by Anton Tkachev for UI8
Daily Cooking Quest Interactive by Hoang Nguyen
Shopping List by Hila Peleg
Call Screen by Minh Pham. This one is for Android, but it was so good that I couldn’t resist.
Save money app animation by Aleksey Vasiliev for Awsmd
Yota Mobile Network Operator Concept by Nick Taylor in Mobile Network Operator
Climate control for connected car by Gleb Kuznetsov
Lighting Boutique by Cuberto
Wheels Shop by Krystian Bieda for 7ninjas
GIF Animation for Recipes and Cooking by Sergey Valiukh for tubik
Wine Searcher Animations by Tom Koszyk for EL Passion
AR Astronomy App by Hoang Nguyen for Interactive Labs
Flip For Detail by by Minh Pham
Smart Home App Thermostat by by Shakuro
Skate — AR View by Ales Nesetril for STRV
FIFA World Cup Balls by Mirek Nepelski for 7ninjas

Making good animations takes time, both from UX designer and iOS engineer. And like any other UI element, animations should help the user to achieve the goal or to solve some specific task inside the app. It’s not an art, it’s a functional element.

So, please use these great examples as reference and inspiration for making your app experience even better. I hope, you won’t ask your team to “make like this right now” just because it looks great in the design concept on Dribbble shot. Sometimes simple or default system interactions will work better. While in some cases, well-crafted creative animation can improve user flow and make your app experience truly unforgettable.

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