How I filled my practice by asking this one question everyday…

You see, most of us learned super early on that fear is bad and we should avoid it at all cost. That, or we should pretend like fear isn’t a thing.

Neither one is true. And neither one actually serves us.

What DOES serve us and our big wild dreams is acknowledging fear as a normal part of being alive AND as something that basically goes with the territory if we’re out there living our biggest life.

You see, the only way to avoid fear is to play it safe, stay small, and follow other people’s rules. And I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have the fear than any of the above.

Moral of the story here? It can actually help us feel LESS fear the MORE we just expect fear to show up. The more we can embrace fear as normal to growth, the less scary it actually feels.

You know how ELSE we create less fear? By training ourselves to push through it, instead of avoid it.

And by push through, I DON’T mean muscling or grinding, because that doesn’t sound like too much fun either. But I do mean finding what works for you to shrink your fear, so you can be out there making a bigger impact and income.

I share more over in my community about the specific things I actually do to push past my fear. For today, I just want you to ask yourself one question. And this happens to be the one question I ask myself daily AND that I credit for pushing me to do the big things that filled my practice so far in 2018. Here goes…

>>> “Where in my life or business am I doing things from a place of fear, versus a place of intention or purpose?”

I’m not going to pretend this is an easy question. It can be hard as s#&t to see/recognize/admit this, AND when we do recognize it, it usually means we have to do something about it. And doing something about our fear is not always easy.

The payoff is that when we starting living from a place of purpose instead of a place of fear, EVERYTHING in our life and biz expands. And. I. mean. everything.

So basically if you’re feeling fear, let that be a sign you’re moving in the right direction!

Where’s fear tripping YOU up in your biz? How is it holding you back from creating that bigger income and impact you KNOW you’re here to make? Comment below and let me know!

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