Whats’ In My Head

I never knew my mother she died when I was around 6 mos old.

My Dad married pretty quickly after her death . He had four very young children and he was fighting in the Vietnam war for the first of tow tours .

My older sister pictured her with me was really the only one to explain to me about my mother death .

She died of a ruptured appendix at the age of 27 .My sister recalls her throwing up blood and being rushed to the hospital.

I remember nothing and how could I at such a young age ?

My father loved my mother , I remember a time when I had just moved to Georgia , my father saw a picture of my mother on my fireplace mantel

His words “I miss your mother I still think about her “

However, the impact of my mother’s picture on my fireplace mantel was emotionally upsetting to my stepmother. Who had raised all four of my fathers kids a huge devotion of love for him and for us .No telling where our lives would have been like without her in it .We are immensely thankful.

I took the picture down , and have not put it back up since ….

My father never spoke much about my mother , painful for him surely , but I never understood why no contact was every kept between her family. I have uncle , aunts out there somewhere .No history or anything about her.

Understand I don’t blame my father we are extremely close and I love him dearly. Its more about me wanting to know more about her , who she was.

I have tried search Genealogy sites and have come up with nothing. It feels like a part of me is missing.

Where do I go from here….