If you’re like most evolutionary entrepreneurs, there’s one big thing standing between you and the ultimate success of your business. Ok, there might be more than one but this one is a real big one that I’ve seen every single one of my clients struggle with.

No exceptions.

Want to know what it is?


Entrepreneurs are faced with the challenge of trying to build a business in a world where there are countless distractions offline… and especially online — and I’m guessing that includes you.

There are many parallels between winning a gold medal and being an entrepreneur.

When I used to coach triathletes and runners, I would tell them “How you show up for training and racing is how you show up in life.”

The same can be said of owning a business.

Over the years I’ve noticed that there are five characteristics that all successful people share and while each is, in itself, a great quality to possess… it’s the combination of these five qualities that create the Olympians… on track, on the court, in the pool…

Or in the boardroom.


Desire is…

How to reclaim that lovin’ feeling for your business

One of the hallmark characteristics an evolutionary entrepreneur is a deep longing or desire to make a difference in the world with our unique gifts. It’s this desire to make an impact that fuels our drive to build a business.

In the beginning, we have a love affair with the vision of our business — not unlike those first few months of falling in love with your spouse or partner. Everything seems wonderful, you’re invincible because your love is invincible… and then the honeymoon is over, as they say. …

Lisa Engles

Social Activist & Cultural Critic | Evolutionary Entrepreneur | Co-Founder of Evolving Public Culture | www.evolvingpublicculture.com

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