The Power of Not Burning Bridges

A deck-like bridge going over water at dusk, with a multitude of fiery sparks taking over the middle so the person can’t get across.

I never thought it would happen to me. Not so long ago my business motto was, “You never want to rehire a former employee-if they weren’t happy before, what would make them happy now?” Same as if the table was turned: “You never want to go back to a former…

But never came to light…

Cartoon drawing of a speeding car with an electric plug flying behind it, while there is a Welcome to NJ sign with a palm tree in the background, and a speed limit sign written for kilometers.

Growing up in the United States in the 70’s, the world was such a different place. When the news was “only the facts, no opinions” and anything made in Japan was “junk”. China was only good for rice production. Computers were more work than they…

He Parked His Car on my Lawn on our First Date

Cartoon drawing of man with long hair in a pony-tail, walking quickly with a walking stick and sunglasses. The sun is smiling over him.

Well, he wasn’t completely blind when we first met and started dating. It didn’t occur to me that he was losing his sight, since he was in the denial stage and did a great job of hiding it.

I knew something was up when he came to pick me up…

Lisa Fitzgerald

The accountant who would rather write.

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