Dear Senator Sanders: I’m with You in the Fight Ahead
David Brock

Your candidate, the vile lying Clinton, was the most corrupt candidate in the history of this country.

The DNC was revealed to the world as nothing more than a corrupt, criminal enterprise led by corrupt operatives the likes of Wasserman Schulz and the odious Brazile.

Then Bernie Sanders, who reprehensibly used “revolution” as a campaign slogan, was co-opted into utterly betraying his supporters and has been reduced to nothing more than an old neutered sheepdog, barking his head off from his little kennel in the DNC’s backyard, happy for his meager bowl of kibble and the discarded table scraps all of you deign to throw to him. I am an animal rights activist and oppose the use of bark collars, but I would make an exception in the case of Bernie the Sheepdog to put an end to the grating noise of his endless yapping of “we must stop Donald Trump, we must stop Donald Trump, we must stop Donald Trump” when his, Clinton’s and the DNC’s treachery, betrayal and hypocrisy make Donald Trump look like a saint by comparison.

Which brings us to you and your “apology.” “Too stiff a jab”? You mean like having your operatives relentlessly attack, vilify and abuse those of us seeking truth and righteousness? Like brutally destroying the spirits of a hopeful generation coming forward with open hearts and open minds with tactics such as shutting down the Sanders pages on the night of the NY Primary with child porn? You mean those kind of “jabs”? You are filth. You are scum. You are foul, reeking human garbage deserving of no more than being disposed of in the landfill of human history and shoveled over with lime to mitigate your fetid stench.

So you can take your apology and go to hell. As can the repugnant war-whore Clinton. As can the corrupt DNC. And as can Bernie Sanders for disgracefully aligning himself with all of you against his own supporters and against the interest of this country. You are all an abomination. And your shameless public licking of Bernie Sanders’ shoes with the purulent slime of this apology will not help the Democratic Party. Bernie Sanders himself has lost all credibility by virtue of his association with the corrupt DNC and he cannot help you now.

It is my fervent hope that the Democratic Party meets with complete annihilation and goes the way of the Whigs. This country will be far better off without it and without all of you.

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