Your belief in free will is dangerous
James Roy Poulter

I would like to thank you for this article because it is helping me clarify this system which generates the automatic processing power of (programed) input- to paraphrase you. Yet, outside of this huge value your article carries, this is the only value it carries. Everything else is nothing but pseudo-scientific claims (meaning only theories and speculations), twisted logic and reasoning resulting into the same sense of common sense and provocative only in entertaining those whom know the truth and use satire when discussing it and scary and emotionally displacing for those who are lost in the system.

And by the way, did you research this guys work?

Cause I have a funny feeling that you did…and if you would of taken your own will and chose to do a bit more investigation about the author, like I did concerning you, you would have found that the author Steven Cave needed to clarify his position; he was only trying to write about what others were trying to point out as a idea, yet had no proof. Like your doing….yet Steven himself DOES NOT subscribe to the false notion that Free Will is a false sense of delusions. See for yourself….

I hope you would want to take up the notion that you do have agency and then recognize that so does everything else and its the kind of relationships we carrying with life that shows us that we need to be responsible for knowing who and what we are and do, rather than submitting to the notion that you are out of control to your self. You are the only piece, at the end of the day, that you can control…doing so it entirely up to you.

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