These are a bunch of straw man arguments.
Benjamin T. Awesome

I understand what you are saying about Karl Popper’s falsifiability argument. My interpretation is that it says that anything that can be falsified, for instance subjective experience or extradimensional phenomena, do not achieve the high standard that scientific approval requires. And if something cannot be falsified, it is of little interest to science, for reasons I explain below. I also understand that you believe that those compelled by scientific reason remain agnostic until adequate proof has been determined. It also demands continued efforts to refute evidence, much of which is called ‘pseudoscience’ until scientific rigor has been applied again and again with the same results.

My issue is how difficult it is to have a conversation about various phenomena (UFOs, crop circles, spiritual experiences, near-death and out of body experiences, telepathy, etc.) that are clearly widespread. Once again, I think it boils down to the rational scientific lens. Phenomena must be observable, predictable, measurable, and repeatable. But again, if we can’t control the phenomena, if indeed they are, say, trans or inter dimensional in nature, we also can’t control the experiments. We might only be perceiving artifacts that are accessible to our possibly limited five senses. For one, if they are extradimensional, we can’t fully perceive the entirety of said phenomena, nor the context they originate from.

You mention non-empirical claims. What I ask is non-empirical to whom? Empirical data relies on experimentation. But if we can’t experiment on say, extraterrestrial or extradimensional life or intelligence, for the reasons cited above, how can we determine whether there is empirical data, or empirical possibilities?

When I mention ‘an authority’, I am referring to the scientific establishment. There is an abundance of evidence, in fact, regarding everything from crop circles (which leave physical evidence) to psi abilities (which can be empirically tested). But as far as I can tell, those with arguably the most interest in these topics are the first to throw the baby out with the bathwater. One thing I lot of very intelligent people do is to resist thinking about why ET might be interested in us, how they might be getting to Earth, and what their non-violent agenda could be. To me, extraterrestrial or extradimensional intelligence is one of the most important possibilities for our future. We need to open our minds a bit more, and that includes thinking about potentially non-falsifiable things until we can come up with ways to adequately measure what for now are phenomena we are not in control of and cannot adequately perceive with 3D/4D consciousness.

If there is a another, non-human intelligence operating on the Earth then “science” could be of little help and there may be no “proof” available except as these “others” desire. The concept of “proof” requires that there exist a human agency possessing the ability to determine with authority what is happening in the world. When “science” is dealing with things like sulphur dioxide or chimpanzees there is no problem. But if “UFOs” are the products of a superior technology then where is the “authority” to determine what is really going on? We must remember that scientists are neutral, objective observers only within their narrow specialties. They are all, regardless of specialty, part of a self-selecting social elite. They have a position to protect. Someone has to pay for “science” and every last scientist. Science and scientists are caught up in the economic and military systems that dominate the United States and most other nations. These systems are paid for by the average citizens of these nations and those average citizens must retain confidence in that which is taking so much of their money. — Val Germann

To me it becomes dogmatic to insist upon evidence that appeals to our rational worldview limited by our five primary senses and our particular dimensional reality. Theoretical physics, I must say, does a better job of using mathematical equations to predict possible outcomes beyond our current ability to perceive them. String/M theory is very clear about multidimensionality, even though we can’t perceive other dimensions, per se. But what if some people can? Those, perhaps, who have developed what we might call extrasensory perception? What if ET hails from 5D? Most of us can’t even wrap our heads around what other dimensional realities could look or feel like, let alone how 5D phenomena bleeding through could look like to us.

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