World-changing News From Tom DeLonge’s To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science

Plans to Bring Secret Disclosure Information, Science, and Technology to the Masses

I made sure to watch Tom DeLonge’s press event this morning. It’s been clear for sometime that he is focused on a transmedia storytelling approach to Disclosure, which makes total sense if you’re trying to get info out of the echo chamber. But what makes it interesting is how they are trying to use science fact to create new kinds of science fiction. I believe the access he’s been given, apparent in the team of government, aerospace, and military veterans he’s assembled — makes it clear there is government cooperation happening. They have also announced plans to release curated government assets (videos, etc.) as well as plans for advanced aerospace vehicles the public. They even plan to build one themselves, according to their statements. This is a big deal considering their connections to Lockheed Martin Skunkworks, etc.

They are also trying to facilitate advances in scientific and technical fields — all based on previously hidden information.

‘How dare we artificially limit our future?’ has been a frequent theme in DeLonge’s interviews:

#Disclosure is clearly underway- they selected DeLonge because of his connections to pop culture. Entertainment media can do more to amplify a message or meme (think Close Encounters or the X-Files) than other mass media can. Especially since there is a truth embargo firmly in place still — most media outlets still won’t touch UFOs or ET life — and if they do it’s still with a stance of ridicule or stigmatization. How strange is that, given the fact that the acknowledgement of advanced ET life, who have been in blatant contact with our world, is the biggest issue and opportunity we will confront as a civilization. It’s about consciousness and this group knows that.

From the To The Stars website:

There is sufficient credible evidence of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena that proves exotic technologies exist that could revolutionize the human experience.

Their stated goal being:

An accelerated path to transformative discoveries and technology applications and inspire global citizens through informative entertainment.

Watch the press conference here:

#ToTheStars #ShiftHappens #TruthEmbargo

Mainstream media is just starting to pick up on the story:

ExoNews’ Giorgio Piacenza’s excellent analysis:

Linda Moulton Howe also raises some good points — what seems to be missing from the announcements and offering:

More from The Disclosure Activists:

Dr. Lisa Galarneau

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