lisa mantel — @patatjes4life —

omg, drawing is my liiiiife


Hey arrivederci it’s ya homie lisa, with something new(isch) today. We are going to make a scene, in unity, in which we can draw :) (super basic of course).

Let’s see, we are going to make use of a canvas and an image. Use some code and in the end we can make drawings, with mouse input, nothing fancy.

I will show all the code needed and explain the aspects.

Disclaimer, again I made this together with Neander Giljam (my homie from katpatat).

Something about me (your handsome narrator)… I consider myself to be a digital artist. I’m really into experimental, weird and happy stuff :). Also we want to use our projects to address socially and cultural (or personal) stuff and make people “aware” of these topics through interactive art/games. Together with Neander and Esther we are a collective called Katpatat, we do almost everything together and they helped me alot with these “tutorials” and my project VOIDSCAPES 4 LIFE BABY… voidscapes 4 life? what is that, you say? It’s a game but not technically a game, but more of an interactive art piece made in unity. I wanted to experiment with different forms of visual stuff but it’s also about my own process in and out of depression (you can find it on the website, if interested). …

lisa mantel — @patatjes4life —

who needs ground anyway


Hey hoi how’s it going, it’s ya boi Lisa again with another how to, reading thingie.

We are going to make premade “land” tiles, which will be generated “randomly” around your player/camera. These land tiles will also disappear when out of reach.

First I want to say that I made this code together with Neander Giljam, so I wanted to make sure he will also get credit from it. Luckily we are in a collective together so his work is “our” work.

We are going to use a simple player object with a basic movement script, create a few tiles, setting up the scene, and I will explain the code behind the tile based level generator. …


lisa mantel — @patatjes4life —

legs are overrated


hey hoi how’s it going, it’s ya boi Lisa

So I am probably (I know for sure) not the first person to write something about first person movement in Unity and I will probably not be the last. But the thing is, there are so many different ways to make something in Unity, that I would like to share the things I did and learned when making voidscapes 4 life baby.

You likely know already the topic of this read… how to make third person movement in unity. …

By Lisa Mantel — @patatjes4life —


This document is about my findings in the cool adventure of gaining knowledge about writing shader code for unity. I wanted to learn more about this subject because I thought I needed to understand this more to make awesome visuals in unity.

For now I’m sticking just to fragment and vertex shaders, because otherwise my brain will probably explode.

In this document you will find:

  • a quick approach to shaders in unity
  • gifs + the shader code
  • sources
  • fun sites
Image for post
Image for post
water shader tutorial, super cool check it out


Shader programming has a lot of differences in comparison with programming in c# (or other imperative languages). I will not explain every detail about programming shaders for unity, but will point out the main items I’ve learned to get started with making shaders. To learn more about the syntax, semantics, and how shader code is composed in general, please take a look at [GIFS + SHADER CODE] and the sources (or try google or something).



This is what I do, I sit on you… I’m part of the Katpatat collective. We make playful digital “experiences” and installations. (we are also for hire)

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