Back pain: How I Finally Cured My Chronic Back Pain


I suffered from severe chronic back pain and for a very long time, I thought that it would be something that I would have to accept for the rest of my life after trying all kinds of therapy.

I will briefly explain my background before my experience of back pain manifested itself, which is crucial to understanding the concept of how I eventually cured it. I invite you to keep an open mind because what I’m about to share with you goes against conventional remedies.

It is said that 80% of Americans will experience back pain at some point in their lives, and it is apparent that mainstream remedies are not very effective, at least in my experience, since many people’s pain comes back if any relief is offered through this means.

Brief Overview

A few years ago I went through a very emotionally traumatic period in my life where there was a lot of uncertainty and changes happening in my life that spiralled out of control that I did not anticipate. During this moment, I began to look for ways to cope with my situation. I think at tough times in our lives we go into “survival mode” and try to look for ways to get out of pain. One of the ways I did this was through physical strength training.

I embarked on a fitness journey and discovered the world of weight lifting; this was able to give me a physical and mental release from the stresses I was enduring at the time. I was able to channel the emotional pain through putting my body under a lot of physical pain, but it felt incredible and it was amazing to see my body transform and I became stronger as a result.

The trigger for the physical pain

Strength training very quickly became my “drug” and I would lift weights almost on a daily basis, putting my body under immense pressure. The more emotional pain I was facing, the more I would release this through weight lifting. One day, I was hack squatting over 100kg and before I knew it, I felt a sharp sting pierce my lower back. As I walked out of the gym that day, my back never felt the same again.

Conventional Methods

I felt debilitated, but I hoped for the best that it would go away in time. Days turned into weeks and into months. I decided to reach out for help by going to see a physiotherapist, to no avail. I then decided to go and see an osteopath and chiropractor. I tried acupuncture, cupping, and many other remedies but the pain was simply unbearable. Any relief was very short lived and and nothing made the pain go away permanently.

For someone who loved strength training, I felt shackled and miserable that I was in the physical condition that I was in. I felt I’d exhausted all possibilities of ever returning back to good physical health again. I was consumed by this pain and it affected my day to day life in so many ways. I underestimated how back pain could have such a profound impact on the quality of your life until it happened to me.

The Breakthrough

I began to research online about ways in which other people may have overcome their back pain. I wanted to hold out for a glimpse of hope and hang onto any success stories that I could learn about. Eventually, I came across some testimonials from people who suffered from chronic back pain that was able to overcome it after many years of suffering.

There were people who had been physically crippled for over 20 years that was able to finally reach a break through in their pain. Despite this, I did feel very sceptical that I could cure my pain using any of their methods simply because I felt I had tried absolutely everything, but I listened intently, only to discover that it was through simply: reading a book.

I couldn’t comprehend how reading a book could really cure my physical pain but I decided to keep an open mind. The book was called “Healing Back Pain” by Dr Sarno.

The Root Cause

The fundamentals of the book is based on addressing the true root of most back pain we believe to be experiencing: TMS, tension myotisis syndrome, which is the emotional stress that we subconsciously repress. I know this may sound incredibly far fetched to believe that physical pain can be linked to our repressed emotions. It almost sounds supernatural, but after reading the book and being pain free ever since, I can genuinely say that there is undoubtedly a deep mind-body connection between our emotions and what shows up in our physical body.

Healing Back Pain is a book that suggests back pain can be eliminated permanently without undergoing surgery or medication. It is not about the pain being caused in your mind but rather repressed emotions in the subconscious mind can manifest itself “physically”. An injury is usually a trigger for this to show up as physical pain but the intensity of the pain is amplified by what we are experiencing in our minds.

The Power of the Mind

Dr Sarno suggests that the we must truly understand and believe that the root cause of the pain begins in the mind in order for one to overcome the pain. He said that in order to fully recover, one must use the information in the book, fully believe it with conviction and as a result, this will be the “penicillin” to heal the pain.

TMS is a condition that some of us experience as a result of us blocking out some stressful emotions. Many of us go through stressful periods in our lives and have duties to fulfil that disallows us from coping or being able to really fully deal with the pain. We have roles in our careers and some of us have a duty of care towards others that require us to neglect ourselves and thus the pain is extended for many years.

This does not help when we are conditioned to believing that back pain is a physical abnormality and we are often told to “rest up” and “take it easy” and to avoid lifting anything. Prescription drugs for pain relief are usual the first point of call when it comes to physical pain, but this is often only offers temporary relief and not a permanent solution.

Healing back pain is a powerful book that has helped me and so many others overcome their chronic pain by addressing the root cause of the problem and therefore offering a long term solution to those that are suffering from TMS.


Here are 12 daily reminders from the book to help those who are experiencing back pain:

The pain is due to TMS, not a structural abnormality

The direct reason for the pain I am experiencing is caused by mild oxygen deprivation

TMS is harmless and is just caused by my repressed emotions.

The principle emotion is my repressed anger

TMS exists only to distract my attention from the emotions.

Since there is actually nothing wrong with my back, there is nothing to worry about

Physical activity is therefore not dangerous.

I must resume all normal physical activity

I am not concerned by or intimidated by the pain.

I will shift my attention from the pain to emotional issues.

I intend to be in control — not my subconscious mind.

I must think psychological at all times, not physical.

Have you suffered from back pain, or currently suffering from back pain? What remedies have you tried and how effective has it been for you?