Powerful Positive Affirmations And Incantations To Live By

Positive affirmations are encouraging and supportive statements that affirm a set of beliefs. By expressing positive affirmations aloud on a regular basis, we are able to mentally train our brains to believe them. What we believe in affects the decisions we make and ultimately quality of life.

We are what we repeatedly think about; the way we talk to ourselves condition our belief systems which affect how we show up in the world.

Are you aware of how you currently talk to yourself in your mind? If you were to write down the thoughts that regularly enter your mind, what would they say?

Many of us have self limiting beliefs that we are regularly conditioning without even being consciously aware of. These set of beliefs create a barrier in our progress and prevent us from experiencing a better emotions.

Our minds are like sponges and if we don’t wire it to think a certain way, left to our own accord, our belief systems are programmed by what he hear on the media, other people’s opinions that are based on their own experiences, and so on.


Incantations engage your physiology and emotions whilst you are expressing positive affirmations aloud which can help create a neuro-association between what you say and how you feel. You can do this by changing your body language and really cultivating the emotion and feeling you want to embed whilst declaring the affirmations. By doing so, you will naturally associate the words with a certain feeling and more likely to reinforce this belief.

Here are some affirmations that I regularly express that have really helped support my belief system:

“I have managed to overcome so many tough challenges in my life and this is just another challenge”.

“If one man can do it, I can too”.

“I am resourceful and will find a way and if I can’t find the way I will make the way”.

“I will make time for what I devote my energy and commitment to”.

“I control how I feel. I can decide to be happy right now. I am a product of my decisions, not my circumstances”.

“I am grateful to be alive and have the opportunity to create a life of my design”.

“I have unstoppable energy”.

“I have so much love to give to others; what I give out I will attract”.

“I have a healthy body because I eat for fuel, not purely for physical pleasure”.

“I have come so far and developed as a person and have faith that I will continually develop and grow to become a better human being”.

“I am the master of my emotions and I choose my emotional home to be a happy one”.

“Money is abundant. I have the knowledge and resourcefulness to be able to make it to be able to support the lifestyle that I desire”.

“I believe in myself and my abilities to be able to create what I desire”.

“I can achieve anything because I am loyal to myself and my I place great integrity in my words”.

“I am resilient, determined and have unlimited potential to be able to achieve success in my life”.

“Every day I am consistently building momentum towards my goals”.

“I add value to other people’s lives”.

“If my “why” is strong enough, I will figure out the “how”.”

“I surround myself with people that support me and lift me up”.

“I am a loyal to myself and to others”.

When we start with the word “I”, we are expressing a belief in our identity. How we see ourselves will determine how we feel, our performance and how we show up in the world. By expressing positive affirmations, we are conditioning a belief even though we may not necessarily believe it to be true in its entirety yet.

By practising and expressing this more, we are able to reaffirm and attract this in our lives. Certain words carry emotional weight and I believe that when you express them out loud, you are able to cultivate this emotion into your mind.

Naturally, our head brain is designed to keep us protected and safe. The majority of us have self limiting beliefs that have been conditioned by those around us, social media or the media.

Through observation of the masses, most of us have a scarcity mentality, meaning we place great limits on ourselves, not giving ourselves enough credit for the untapped potential we have within us. The opposite of this is having an abundance mentality, meaning we believe there are more than enough resources, finances and capability within ourselves to be able to attract what we desire.

Empowering questions

Negative self talk is something we are all prone to, as mentioned, our brain is designed to protect us and not necessarily to make us happy. Below are some common self limiting beliefs we place upon ourselves and beside them are some empowering questions we can use to cultivate a winning mindset:

“I can’t afford it” to “How can I afford it?”

“My world has collapsed” to “What lessons can I learn from this experience?”

“I’ve lost everything” to “How can I turn this around?”

“I’ve failed” to “How can I avoid making the same mistakes next time?”

“I don’t have the knowledge” to “Who can I go to to learn more?”

“I don’t know that many people” to “How can I broaden my network?”

“I get bored easily” to “What can I do to help retain my attention better?”

“I’m broke” to “How can I improve myself to be able to add more value to others and the marketplace?”

“I’m too old” to “Are there people older than myself who have done it?”

“I’m not confident” to “What would I need to do to be more confident?”

“I’m worried I won’t be able to find a partner” to “What can I offer a potential partner in a relationship and where can I go to find someone I want to attract?”

“I’m depressed” to “What are the exact thoughts that I am entertaining in my mind?”

By asking empowering questions, we are exploring opportunities rather than restricting ourselves and accepting beliefs as permanent and unchangeable. How we speak to ourselves has a huge impact on how we see ourselves; these statements may appear harmless and normal at times, but it can have a profound impact on one’s confidence.

By asking empowering questions, you are forced to be hopeful and resourceful. This paradigm shift can really help you avoid coming up short and create leverage on yourself. The self limiting statements we impose on ourselves creates a mental barrier in our minds. As Jim Rohn says, “stand guard at the door of your mind”.

If we don’t consciously make an effort to control our thoughts and what is entering our minds, we are receptive to anything that comes in it, which affects our emotions. By making small changes in the way we speak to ourselves, we are able to protect our minds and ultimately how we feel. Our emotional home is the only place we have to live in and so we must be careful what we allow in it.

Do you have self limiting beliefs you would like to work on? What are some empowering positive affirmations you live by?