How to Create Mozilla Thunderbird Mail Backup?

Mozilla Thunderbird mails are backed using the free utility program “MozBackup.” It protects the email account by creating a backup for recovery, if you delete them and wish to recover in future.The backup is beneficial in cases where the hard drive fails or any other damage occurs. If the error messages in Mozilla Thunderbird are common, then it’s a sign of critical problem.MozBackup saves the info saved in the Thunderbird profile along with messages and settings in other files on the PC. For maximum security, save the backup to an external device rather saving it on the hard drive.

Safe steps to create an email back up Mozilla Thunderbird Emails

Step 1: Open on your browser and download MozBackup.

Step 2:Tap the download connection option and the recovery setup record will start on your desktop.

Step 3: Double click the account to run the backup creation wizard, then take after the on-screen guidelines to introduce the system.

Step 4: Double tap the “MozBackup” symbol on your desktop to begin moving down your Thunderbird messages.

Step 5: Click the “NEXT” to start the procedure. Select “Reinforcement a profile” and click “Thunderbird” from the list. Click “Next” to proceed.

Step 6: Click your Thunderbird profile, and select “Search” to pick where you need to save your account backup. Click the “Spare” catch, then snap “Next.”

Step 7: Make a secured password for your backup and click “OK.” Click on all that you wish to move down, including messages, contacts and bookmarks. Click “Next.”

Step 8: Click “Close” to leave the system once the backup is finished. Back up your messages consistently to stay up with the latest.

Once the backup is saved, you can anytime recover the mails. In addition, it protects your valuable mail information if the hard disk gets corrupted. Apart from backup, try to focus on PC security for the error free mail interface. If you need help to create back up or change Mozilla Thunderbird password, dial the dedicated helpline number. Visit the Contactforhelp directory to search the Mozilla customer service number providing technical services in your area.