Steps to Stop Automatic Sign-in in Yahoo Mails

Since Yahoo Mail is a free email service based on Internet, users from all across the world prefer this provider over any other. In most cases, once the activation is completed, users get the facility to automatically sign-in to their Yahoo Mail account, which makes things difficult at times because of the security reasons. So, if you also want to stop this automatic sign in option, make sure that you have either consulted experts on Yahoo Mail customer service number or you simply follow the steps that are given below.

· In order to stop automatic sign-in on Yahoo Mails, there are certain steps that need to be followed. And, in the beginning itself, you need to assure that you have actually double-clicked on your Internet browser icon so that you can launch the exact browser that you wanted to. Make sure that you have the browser installed in the respective system.

· Once you have opened the browser like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, you will not a search bar option at the top of the screen.

· You are required to type, followed by pressing on the enter button. Once done, you will notice that you have actually landed up to the sign in page of Yahoo Mail.

· But, since your automatically sign in is enabled, you will actually land directly to the home page of your Yahoo Mail Account without even entering the username and the password.

· Once you are done with the above given steps, make sure that you have also removed the check in the box, which can found next to “Keep Me Signed In.”

· Also, with this, you can be assured about the fact that you have actually stopped the automatic sign-in on Yahoo! mail. So, Congratulations!

As these easy steps are quite simple to bring in practice practically, it would be better if you can give a try treating the problem. However, if something goes wrong in between, make sure that you take instant help from the experts or skilled professionals by dialing on Yahoo customer care support 2016. But somehow, if you don’t have their number or if your call is not going through, make sure that you have availed it from the official site of Contactforhelp, which is a renowned online directory that offers reliable numbers of similar services.

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