The words were simple: “I’m sorry to hear about your father.” But for a young girl, they had an impact that spanned decades.

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I was sixteen years old and sitting at a bar. (Don’t ask, it was the 70’s in New York). A boy from my high school — one of the cool kids, someone who barely talked to me otherwise — came over to me and said “Hey, I’m sorry to hear about your father. I just wanted to tell you that.” His name was Tom B. He sat down and talked with me for a while. I don’t remember another thing he said that night. But I remember that he was the only one of my high school class besides my…

I was beautiful twice, and I hated myself for it.

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Here we go again, I think, as I impatiently wait for the hair straighter to warm up. I’ve washed my hair, deep conditioned it, shaved my legs, tweezed my eyebrows. I’ve blown dry my hair, but it’s still a wreck. It’s always a wreck. It’s thin, so thin that when I put it into a ponytail, a pencil is thicker. I plaster down the worst of the flyaways with a hair product that promises something it can’t deliver.

What I really want to be doing — instead of going through that same-same ritual — is learning to write code. Studying…

These are life-changers because they are tools to change what you need to change — but also to appreciate what you already have.

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Some advice is perfectly good advice, but it rolls off you with no practical application, soon to be forgotten. Other advice works well to solve a very specific problem, but only that problem. The bits of advice below, however, are things I use over and over no matter what the problem. They have changed my life because now, no project seems too large, no task insurmountable. They are ways to get unstuck any time I am stuck.

1) Start somewhere, start anywhere.

I used to think you always had to start at the beginning. The logical place to…

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Publisher of The Good Men Project. CEO, Good Men Media. I like to create things that capture the imagination of the general public & become part of pop culture.

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