Blogging Challenge: Day 6!

What am I afraid of?

I guess you could say I’m afraid of a lot of things — I’m not necessarily a fearful person, but some shit’s just scary and there’s no denying it.

  1. Regret.
  2. Earthquakes/natural disasters.
  3. Not living up to my full potential.
  4. Silverfish. (I think this fear has turned into more of a deep hatred that has fostered an emotional trauma and makes me cringe at the thought of one. I can also sense/hear them, I think.)
  5. Ok, on a more legit note, I am terrified of anxiety attacks, but I believe this is normal for a person who has anxiety. Another reason anxiety sucks: you are anxious about anxiety. Like wtf?
  6. I have never had sleep paralysis and I don’t think I would like it. So I am afraid of that.
  7. I am afraid of getting sick and will go to vast measures to prevent it. I have gotten pretty good at preventing sickness as a result.

Ok, this list is literally going to be endless if I keep going. Point is, I am grateful that these are the things I am scared of; not actual life-threatening things that I have to face.

I’m sorry this was sort of a strange and boring post.

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