The status of sharing

Status is a basic human motivation that marketers have spent years capitalizing on. Each generation defines status slightly different based on the context of the world and lifestyles they generally lead.

Millennials’ status comes in the form of knowledge and experiences not performance and belongings. That’s why we don’t “show” we “share” both of which require you to put something out in the world for others to see. Sharing comes from Millennials collective mindset of being a collaborative generation whereas generations before are more individualistic.

This desire for collaboration is manifested in how we spend our time or where we spend our money — according to Nielsen 2014, 55% of Millennials are are willing to pay extra for products and services from companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact (compared to 25% Gen X & 12% Baby Boomers). Which explains why cause-related efforts, like Toms (One for One), mean so much to this generation.

They don’t only think about their existence as just one person on this earth or just looking out for their “own” but a collective of people that rise and fall together.

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