Fat and Proud
Tiffanie Woods

Things People Have Said About My Body

· You look better when you smile.

· You could be a model if you lost some weight.

· Zero! Dog! Zero! Woof!

· Maybe if you didn’t eat so many French fries, you wouldn’t be so fat.

· Are those real? Lucky girl!

· What happened to your breasts? They used to be bigger.

· Personally, I don’t like your mole.

· What is that? It’s so gross!

· Ew, you stand next to her, I don’t want to stand next to her.

· You look like Hitler’s daughter.

· Do you ever eat?

· You may be right, but at least I’m not fat!

· Your eyebrows are so thin! I wish my daughter would pluck hers.

· Your eyebrows are so thick! I wish my daughter would grow hers out.

· If you showed up naked, you’d scare everyone away.

· You’re so tiny.

· You’re so tall.

· Could you fix your hair before I introduce you to them?

· Could you at least put makeup on before we leave?

· You should shave your legs.

· You have arms like a gorilla.

· You’re lopsided.

· Of course you’re thin, you’re vegan.

· You’re vegan? Shouldn’t you be thinner?

· If you jumped off the roof, you’d make a hole in the cement.

· You could lose some weight. I’ll set you up with a nutritionist.

· Are you bulimic?

· Do you really need to eat that?

· Your calves are as big as your thighs.

· You should gain weight. People like something to grab.

· You’re perfect, what would you know?

· Your face always looks pissed off.

· What’s wrong with your eyes?

· You should wear bigger clothes. No one wants to see that.

· Why do you always wear sweaters? I bet you’re sexy under there.

· Why is your hair so gross?

· You’re so sexy.

· You’re so frumpy.

· Why would you have body image issues?

Things I Wish People Would Say About My Body


Things I Wish I Would Say To My Body

· Are you hungry? Eat.

· Are you tired? Sleep.

· Are you hurting? I love you.

· I love you.

· I love you.

· I love you.

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